Rating Rules

Please use this Website to rate and comment on pubs you have visited. Keep your comments appropriate. Do not state something as fact when it is your stated opinions. Ratings containing comments such as these will not be displayed on the Website. You have no recourse to approach RateMyPub to display any comment you submitted.


Any Rating which contains any or all of the following:


  • contain vulgar or profane words
  • are name-calling in nature
  • reference drug use
  • reference race, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age
  • threaten staff or pub owners
  • defaming publicans and/or staff


will be deleted.


All Ratings that:


  • threaten a pub, the Owners of a pub, the Staff of a pub or the Patrons of a pub
  • incites hatred against any party or person


will be turned over to the relevant Authorities with the tracked IP address.


Unfortunately all ratings must be in English or Irish.

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