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  • Page Views: 466
  • Number of Ratings: 3
  • Atmosphere: 87%
  • Hospitality: 73%
  • Pint Quality: 67%
  • Talent: 60%

Raglan Road

72% out of 3 ratings

Waterford, Tramore

Old Style/Modern Pub with great atmosphere & friendly staff. Food is excellent and entertainment 4 nights a week.

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  • Pub Type: Old Style

  • Pub Age: 18+

  • Live Music: Yes

  • Food: Yes

  • Smoking Room: Yes

  • Gay Friendly: Yes

  • Wheelchair Access: Yes

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Fantastic surroundings, sit down for lunch and you don't want to leave. We had a lovely 3-course lunch for under €20, pity we had to go as Don Baker was playing later.




***** is as usual ...rude and snappy ! had a bad night, pity as the premises would be great under new management




Friendly staff and atmosphere. Some great musicians play there.