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  • Number of Ratings: 13
  • Atmosphere: 82%
  • Hospitality: 82%
  • Pint Quality: 85%
  • Talent: 71%


80% out of 13 ratings

Clonmany, Clonmany

Myself , husband & family & lots of friends have always visited Mc feeleys while holidays in Clonmany this past 15years..Its a lovley pub ,Orla & James have always made everyone more than welcome. We go up for weekends & always get the same welcome.We have drank in the other pubs, but Mc.Feelys is by far the best. The locals are friendly & the craic is great.When we want a good nights craic ,we head to Clonmany & Mc Feelys..The Wilson family ,Belfast.

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: 18+

  • Live Music: Yes

  • Smoking Room: Yes

  • Wheelchair Access: Yes

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good music by aiden canning
Liam and Valerie Glengormley




We have been drinking in this bar for a number of years,Very friendly and welcoming,good beer too.Orla and James have the place immaculate and they are great craic,We wouldnt dream of drinking anywhere else.
Liam and Valerie Stewart




McFeeleys has always good beer good craic and Orla and James make you feel welcome.Whenever the fires lit i never want to go home.
John & joanne from Belfast




My family and I have been going to Mcfeeleys for years we are always made to feel at home by James and orla plus all the locals you will laugh from you walk in the door to you leave to go home .. The bar is always spotless as are the toilets I really could not say one bad word about this place
David & Irene




Grand pub for the craic and banter !. Never heed all that oul nonsense about the man behind the bar sure he's just the same as the rest of us - treat him kindly and he's grand. We have been regular "blow in's" for many years and have always enjoyed super hospitality form Orla and James as well as Michael and Teresa before them and of course not forgetting the "Jelly Baby" lady Mary Logue. Keep up the good work




Visited this pub over the summer, We really enjoyed ourselves, made feel very welcome, by fellow customers and staff. Keep the good work up.




What can I say, the place to be over the festival, the beer garden was a great idea, could sit and have a pint and enjoy a cig at the same time. The talk of the town during the week. Nice to see the effort being put in and your efforts being rewarded.




Atmosphere, Beer and Craic still good, despite the current climate. And sure thats all we need!!!
Regular Visitor




No place like Mc Feeleys on a sunday afternoon, to enjoy the games, gaa or soccer the athmosphere is great. Makes it while sitting in the house on a saturday nite. The regulars are great craic, and plenty of banter!




Just visited Mc Feeley's for the first time this year,It has been newly decorated and no expence has been spared, A few other pubs in the area could take a leaf out of their book. Atmosphere, beer and craic still as good as usual. ( And the man behind the bar remembered my name, not a bad sign)




great bar live music every sat and sunday nights very clean and tidy




Nice friendly atmosphere in this pub, and well kept. Visited regularly this last while, always made feel welcome and craic is always good. This bar is suitable for all ages.







wud agree with one of them comments there alrite,think the fella runnin it thinks he is somebody!!!!
clonmany native




nice enough bar , not really a place for young folk like anybody under 30ish very kind of susshh there's someone singing. not my scene but nice and clean. sometimes you can feel slightly unwelcome though.




good enough bar with a good crowd of locals,the guy who runs it wudnt b the nicest though




A great local family run bar in the heart of Clonmany.....this bar represents the last of the good places to go in Clonmany.....its got it all....Good Pints, Open Fire, Live Music, No Nonesense Tolerated, Friendly Staff, Nice Decor and most of all a good crowd of locals......McFeeleys has been a venue synonomous with the Inishowen singing circle over the past years - where you will find them in action in March each year. This bar is a good bar in the respesct that its the perfect when empty its not a big open cold hall, and when full there is a great atmonphere.....Maybe not really the place for young people in the town....but then again Iv like it all through the years.......Tip: Go there on a Bank Holiday Sunday night to see Dominic McDaid - but go early and get a seat.....a really good nights crack.....