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  • Number of Ratings: 2
  • Atmosphere: 100%
  • Hospitality: 100%
  • Pint Quality: 100%
  • Talent: 80%

Tower Bar

95% out of 2 ratings

44 Gerald Griffin St Cork, Cork City

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: All Ages

  • Late Bar: Yes

  • Smoking Room: Yes

  • Wheelchair Access: Yes

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Lovely Pub with very nice bar staff, excellent pint. Very Clean. It also has two very good Dart Teams, a Golf Society and a Table Quiz very Wednesday night. I would recommend it.




The Pub listed at Gerald Griffin St. is not the pub in the map which was the Tower Inn, Tower St. This is no longer a pub. The Comments also relate to the Tower Inn. The Tower Bar is a homely family run pub. It caters for all from the cradle to the grave.