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  • Atmosphere: 100%
  • Hospitality: 100%
  • Pint Quality: 92%
  • Talent: 76%

The Thady Inn

92% out of 5 ratings

Farnanes Crookstown, Crookstown

The best steak you will ever eat, guaranteed.

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: 18+

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Best welcome ever, great food (steak) and blazing fire, dogs, just unique.




Owner was not very welcoming at all. Only had a brown bread sandwich as opposed to €25 steak and we were told we were taking up spac, ha. Joke




The steak was delicous and cooked to perfection but i would like if the chips were homemade it would of been even nicer ! Oh but that chocolate cake was mmmmmm ..........
satisified customer




best steak you'll ever eat and cooked to perfection. love the dogs being allowed to sit at the fire. its so old world and unchanged. menu is limited and there are no veg or potatoes with the steak, but chips and salad are fine. if you have never been, its well worth the trip. thumbs up to the service and the Swedish woman who served mine. perfection. and treat yourself to the chocolate cake(hot)... mmmmm.




Top notch steak really nice well worth traveling for, one small thing home made chips would be nicer and if there were mushrooms with the steak.




The Thady Inn is quite simply the best spot for food in Cork. The menu may be simple but the quality is quite simply outstanding. There is nowhere that can match there juicy tender stakes. Also its the only place I've ever been given a stake the way i asked for it. If you ask for medium thats exactly how you get it. I go there quite often and not once have I got a bad meal. Well done to Dan & Martha and there friendly, smiley and hospitable staff. Looking forward to my next visit already.




BEST STEAK EVER... UNREAL.... Great wine list too.. OH AND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE... mmmmmmmm :)




Lovely steaks!!!