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  • Number of Ratings: 5
  • Atmosphere: 32%
  • Hospitality: 36%
  • Pint Quality: 44%
  • Talent: 20%

The Capwell Sports Bar

33% out of 5 ratings

12 Douglas St Cork, Douglas

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: 18+

  • Wheelchair Access: Yes

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very poor service , the bar man / owner was very rude with no manners what so ever . The pub as you walked in had a very unfriendly feel to it - well worth walking on by
Gail Swanton




The bar man was extremely rude and really should learn how to be civil to customers . He was extremely unwelcoming , abrupt but very quick to take our money and we were locals , god help tourists to our street !!!! I have worked in pubs for years and would expect an awful lot more especially in this climate - the pub was shabby , the staff and furnishings really do not a recondition - my advise , walk a few hundred yards down the street to a decent pub on Douglas street







Full of city B's with massive chips on their shoulders. And there s a very rude Bar man.