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  • Number of Ratings: 12
  • Atmosphere: 92%
  • Hospitality: 87%
  • Pint Quality: 92%
  • Talent: 68%

South County Bar and Cafe

85% out of 12 ratings

Douglas Cork, Douglas

Newly renovated ,family run pub with real old world atmosphere. Open fires, a great beer garden, good food and traditional Irish music sessions three nights a week.

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: 18+

  • Live Music: Yes

  • Food: Yes

  • Smoking Room: Yes

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Terrible staff! Why do people put up with it? Avoid
Joe Keane, Turners X




Staff are a bit touch and go, the two lads, Steve and Brian are brilliant, Pints are generally good but the Heineken can be poor at times, a good pub, but not really a 5* one.
Disgusted and disappointed.




We eat out a lot, my Wife and I. but never again in this pub. had 2 bad experiences here. poor quality food, and absolutely no satisfaction. Once bitten twice shy. found out later we were not the first to complain. Would not recommend at all for dining.




An original Pub/Bar in Douglas. great staff and pints. Lovely little cubby holes also for private chats.
jim obrien




i went away for 1 year and could NOT believe my eyes when i returned to see my local had had a face lift of the century! the owners did everything not to change the style and character that us of the older generation grace upon, as being from ireland with a reputaion as the irish do to drink, you want to do it in style and character, with a bit of irish around you! from every nook and cranny theres something to remind you of the good old days from books, to old drink bottles to even a whole wall dedicated to funny picutures of our leaders from long ago! there added addition of a snug was a wonderful delight, as me being a man who likes to sit and chat with friends in piece, the perfect place, all though in saying that the place has extended its walls to fit a hide out from view in every corner, great if you dont want to sit at the bar and be disturbed. the food, which has also been improved, and i am also delighted to see theyve extended its hours of service, has added taste, impeccicable detail and attention, a wider range, and the prices do seem to fit the quality, and with the great choice in back ground music...(bob dylan was playing at the time i was eating) and atmosphere and fantastic service from there staff, it seems the owners have not left any detail ago. the toilets were my all time favourite addition..the columes posted on the wall...good touch! very funny. i hope you add to these as i intend to be back! the price of the pint has changed but not to the point of emptying your pockets sooner than expceted. and on my last visit while sat at the table one quiet afternoon on my own i had a very pleasant conversation with an english girl working there and with every pint she offered to bring to my table she wasnt short of a bit of chat and the loveliest bubbliest character about her. it seems the owners are spot on with staff, standards of service, character and have kept the south county as part of the dying trend of your good old irish pub. well done.
sean og




nice decent type pub pity about some narky staff though.service ok if only they would smile and look interested. same athmosphere every night very little changes could that get boring ..possibly




decent pints, sound clientelle,good banter, great smokin area.Staff were hilarious, told us to head across the road to johno's at 12, and we saw em walk in at 1 for pints of their own, haha!Talent wasn't great, but the place across the road has enough of it, the two pubs complement eachother well!




Great food, drink and atmosphere. Definately a place to go.




Great atmosphere, friendly staff, open fires and photos are very interesting. Nice clean toilets too. Trad sessions are brilliant and on 3 nights a week.




Great food, great atmosphere!! Definately I place to go to and have a pint. You won't be disappointed.




Great staff..great atmosphere,average talent at best,gud pint.







Nice pub, great staff, Pity about the clientel, wan b yuppies and sad alcos