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  • Atmosphere: 100%
  • Hospitality: 100%
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Shortens Bar

100% out of 1 ratings

, Ballingeary

Shortens is a family run Pub based in the Gaeltacht area of West Cork.It has a great atmosphere and cosy surroundings.It also boasts a fabulous Beer Garden where you can enjoy your drinks in beautiful surroundings.

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: 18+

  • Live Music: Yes

  • Smoking Room: Yes

  • Wheelchair Access: Yes

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Ollan O Conner,Dublin




Great place for a night out.Had great fun interacting with the locals who are great craic.The beer garden is something else aswell.Best I have seen for a long time.The bar is beautiful too.Whoever came up with the design should be proud of themselves.Would highly recommend Sunday night when they have music.Good fun.The lovely girl behind the bar made us feel so welcome and knows what she is doing.We'll be back.