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  • Number of Ratings: 2
  • Atmosphere: 90%
  • Hospitality: 90%
  • Pint Quality: 100%
  • Talent: 100%

Farrells Bar

95% out of 2 ratings

Summerfield Hse Youghal, Youghal

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: 18+

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 talent is unreal especially on a tuesday night!




Out of town, but perfectly located for caravan park holidaymakers, Farrell's enjoys a steady year round local trade. A great place to spend a summer evening or watch a match due to the spacious interior and plethora of seating to the front. No pub in town can match its scenic off road location, and the pints are always top notch. No music and no food though, so eat before or after :)