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Dan Lowreys Tavern

82% out of 5 ratings

13 MacCurtain St. Cork, Cork City

From the outside of this pub you can see at once that it is something special; a typical Irish city bar with a lovely frontage using Gothic style windows said to have come from Kilkenny Cathedral. Inside the bar's centrepiece is a gleaming mahogany bar and behind the bottles of spirits twinkle in front of the Victorian mirrors. The interior is otherwise a little shabby but characterful. However, the upholstery has seen better days and the seats aren't very comfortable. In winter head for the snug at the rear and sit next to the fire. If you're alone avail yourself of the big pile of books on the mantelpiece - on the subject of Ireland's role in WW2. The pub is named for the founder of the Everyman Theatre next door and the pub is popular pre- and post- show with theatre-goers. It's also opposite Greenes and Isaacs, two of Cork's premier restaurants so good for pre- or post- dinner drinks.

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: All Ages

  • Food: Yes

  • Gay Friendly: Yes

  • Wheelchair Access: Yes

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Great pub, but the price of a pint is a bit on the steep side €4.20 for a pint of Murphys is too much even for the city centre. No sky either so no point in looking for the match. Could do with some live music. Apart from that it is a nice cosy pub with friendly staff and good lunches




love the food.great pints.




Savage pints!!!







good food great pint talent fair




this is one of corks best run bars , friendly staff great food. a nice place to relax and enjoy a good pint or a toasted special. well worth a visit.