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Cronins Bar

100% out of 2 ratings

Point Rd Crosshaven Cork, Crosshaven

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  • Pub Type: Old Style

  • Pub Age: 18+

  • Food: Yes

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Saoirse Mairead




The best!




This is a wonderful old style pub in the seaside village of Crosshaven. The pub is covered from wall to wall with local historic pictures, bric a brac and all sorts of wonderful other things that will keep you entertained for hours. They also do wonderful food and are operate for both lunch and dinner. Lunch ranges from homemade soups, open sandwiches, mussels and oysters and a multitude of other fish dishes. Their night menu is very impressive and concentrates mainly on fresh seafood, but also caters well for meat eaters and veggies. This is a family run business and the staff are excellent, very friendly and helpful. I would certainly recommend a visit to this charm of a pub