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  • Number of Ratings: 5
  • Atmosphere: 68%
  • Hospitality: 76%
  • Pint Quality: 80%
  • Talent: 72%

Smyths Of Newtown

74% out of 5 ratings

Newtown Bagenalstown, Bagenalstown

Symths of Newtown is a haven for the musical lovers of piano music, from a man who has played in the best places of the world. it realy is a gem

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: 18+

  • Live Music: Yes

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bernard donnelly




smyths is a rare gem in a world of imitations.if carlsberg did pubs this would be the benchmark,nothing but genuine hospitality and michael smyth himself is an absolute gentleman and a wonderfull musician to boot.if you have never been,you dont know what your missing,well worth the trip.
John Murphy




I dropped by here recently and can honestly say there is nowhere quite like it. I was jovially greeted on my arrival by a gentleman named John-Joe. This man harks back to a time of old and can often be heard regaling after dinner anecdotes to the assembled multitude. He speaks with a distinctive flavor and greets both friend and foe with a melodious ' morning'. The proprietor a distinguished pianist has toured extensively and can often be heard on the lounge piano keying his personal favorite Straus's Viennese Bonbon’s. A visit to the toilets is an experience to behold. The Darnley Urinal manufactured by Macroom engineering in 1933 is indeed one of it's kind and has no doubt been the scene of some high jinx. The proprietor stands a fine brew and my personal favorite would have to be a large Mac of the shelf. All in all a visit to county Carlow would be truly incomplete without a visit to Smiths of Newtown.




Smyths of Newtown, what a place! About 40 years ago. Age group over 50's. Not a place for a night out.
David Hickey




Smashing Place. Mr Symth is a genius and can play a brillant Schuman Dreaming on the Piano. Its Gem of a place and well worth the visit. Fantastic people in the bar.




 Amazing, unique, art deco interior ... pins-stripes and Michael Smyth is one heck of a piano man!