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  • Number of Ratings: 3
  • Atmosphere: 73%
  • Hospitality: 93%
  • Pint Quality: 73%
  • Talent: 67%

Lord Bagnal

77% out of 3 ratings

Leighlinbridge, Leighlinbridge

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  • Pub Type: Local

  • Pub Age: 18+

  • Food: Yes

  • Smoking Room: Yes

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You have to visit the Lord Bagenal which has a lovely Bar serving food all day but you can also have a good Pint and will be made welcome by the owner James and his friendly staff in a lovely setting beside the Barrow in the little village of Leighlinbridge, while you gaze at collectable paintins on the walls of the pub and restaurant including a fewtastefull nudes. The bar has excellent local talent music on Friday nights with some Grab A Granny Dancing in the Hotel Ballroom on Wednesday nights. It has recently been extended to a 4 star hotel but the bar retains its character.








An award winning pub, savage spot!